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O’Neal’s Bookkeeping Enterprise, Inc. is a virtual bookkeeping firm that provides small business owners with the tools they need to take their business(es) to the next level of profitability.  Every business needs a manager and by default you, as the business owner, are the manager.  It is your job to set the vision for the company and make sure your activities and those of your team are aligned with its vision and mission.

O’Neal’s Bookkeeping Enterprise was established in 2014 to allow small business owners to become better business owners by wearing one of their biggest hats...bookkeeping.  By handling your bookkeeping, we allow you to make time for your employees, and embrace your leadership position, and set aside time to develop strategies for growth.

By making time for your employees, you can:

  • Ensure they have a clear understanding of your company’s mission and your expectations of them (as it relates to their individual positions)

  • Make sure you’re available when they need you (aka an “open door policy”), minus the distractions, to address any questions, concerns, or challenges they may have

  • Properly train them, not just initially, but on an ongoing basis so as changes occur in your industry, so may your processes or workflows

By making time for developing strategies for growth, you can:

  • Improve a current process(es) so employees are more efficient

  • Expand your client or customer base

  • Improve revenue and reduce expenses

At O’Neal’s Bookkeeping Enterprise the focus is on you not on us.  The reality is, there’s little to no work-life balance for a small business owner, stress levels are high and vacations are few and far between.  Let us give you one less thing to worry about by handling your bookkeeping.


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