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Basic Bookkeeping

Every established business has employees and a checking account or two--maybe even a couple of credit cards and a loan, so here is where we start creating order (after cleaning your books, of course).

Making Notes


Details Matter

We record your banking, credit card, or loan transactions into your accounting system; and in some cases--attaching a copy of your receipt, bill, or check to your transactions for swift retrieval; whether you need them for an audit or just to jog your memory.  

Does your business have more than one location, market, program, or division?  If so, we can allocate transactions/costs appropriately so we can later run reports that will meet the needs of your business.


Other Bookkeeping Services

Although these bookkeeping services go beyond the basics, they are considered major tasks for many small businesses--so we help to simplify these and many other bookkeeping tasks you encounter while operating your business, including tracking and reporting payments made to 1099 vendors.




If you’re required to collect sales tax on your business transactions, then you’re also required to turn those funds over to the Department of Revenue and complete a Sales & Use Tax return.  We help you file those returns monthly, report any deductions you may qualify for, and submit those payments in a timely manner; helping you take full advantage of any discounts you may qualify for.  We also record those payments and discounts in your accounting system and reconcile your Sales Tax Payable account.


Financial Reporting & Analysis

On a monthly basis, we prepare a management report so you and your board members (or management team) can review the monthly and year-to-date activity of your business.  These reports contain an Income Statement (Statement of Activities), Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position), Cash Flow Statement, Budget vs. Actual, and any other reports necessary to communicate your progress toward achieving your goals.

We analyze your financials to determine the profitability of the business, market, location, etc.  We point out strengths and weaknesses, letting you know where there’s room for improvement. Lastly, we serve as your controller and accountability partner repeating the goals you set for the business, offering suggestions on cutting cost, and asking tough questions such as:  Do we really need four people in that division? Can we make it work with three?

We even like to check in with you every three months.  Your goals are our goals...

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