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We work with established small business owners and directors whose primary focus is managing their business and team.

Making Notes


Seeing your profits increase is our goal so we take over your accounting system; recording every entry, watching everything that comes in, and scrutinizing everything that goes out.  Our job is to help you cut cost wherever possible to improve your bottom line. We consider ourselves partners in your success so we treat your financials as if they were our own.


Poor recordkeeping can cost your organization its tax-exempt status so we maintain your books in such a way that is not only compliant with state and federal laws, but also in a way that makes it easy for management to determine how resources are being allocated toward fulfilling your nonprofit’s mission.

Data on a Touch Pad

We believe every successful business needs a bookkeeper and a controller so our goal is to do the job of both.  We like to think of ourselves as detailed bookkeepers with the eyes of controllers.

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